Getting Around Midtown Atlanta

Getting Around Midtown Atlanta

About the only way you can’t get from here to there in Midtown Atlanta is by boat. Walking, jogging, biking, buses, trains, and cars are all among your options. When cities try to go back and build all these ways of travel from scratch – and they do, because it is that good of an idea – they wish they’d evolved as they went along, the way they did in Midtown Atlanta.

If you’re driving, you’ll find Midtown is possibly the easiest place in Atlanta to come and go by car. I-75 and I-85 are in easy reach, and five bridges connect Midtown Atlanta to the Westside. If, for example, you live in a Midtown Atlanta condo and choose not to own a car, you’ll find dozens of ZipCar locations from which you can have a selective, short-term relationship with a car that you just turn back in when you’re done.

The street grid and bike lanes of Midtown Atlanta make up a safe, convenient, and easy network for using a bike to commute, shop, explore, or just pass through. Protected bike lanes in certain locations and additional bike racks are being installed, and Ride The City offers custom routing to make your navigating simple. Midtown is already well set up for bikes and continues working to become even more bike-friendly.

Free public shuttles connect Midtown to the Georgia Tech Campus Transit Hub and to Atlantic Station, making stops at key MARTA stops along the way.

And speaking of MARTA, there’s a station within an easy walk of most anyplace in Midtown Atlanta, and from there you can ride anywhere, from the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium to the Lenox Mall to Paris (because Marta goes to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport)!

And walking. One of the real pleasures of Midtown Atlanta real estate is that from here, Atlanta becomes a waling city. With 14 miles of new sidewalk, lined with streetlights and more than 700 trees, Midtown is a great place to have a stroll. The ever-helpful Midtown Alliance even provides a handy walking map that charts the great on-foot connections between Piedmont Park and the Atlanta Botanical Garden to name only two of many luscious walking destinations.