40 Years of Change in Midtown Atlanta

40 Years of Change in Midtown Atlanta

Creating a livable, loveable community has been the full-time job of the Midtown Alliance since the non-profit, membership organization was formed in 1978 by a coalition of Atlanta business and community leaders. The success of their vision and diligence is all around the fortunate folks who live in, work in, or visit Midtown today. And the value of Midtown Atlanta real estate has been driven in no small part by their efforts.

“The buzz” began on college campuses across the nation in the mid-70s – there was something suddenly cool about living in Atlanta. Careers were taking off there. And from within that youthful awakening, a fearless few glimpsed the opportunity to rediscover city living as a standard of sophistication to rival and balance the suburbs.


Not Instead of Suburban Living, But Alongside It

A mid-century, suburban trend that was nearly two decades old at the time carried on apace. In Atlanta, there flourished a standard for single-family homes so attractive that corporate headquarters in New York, L.A., and Chicago knew well that when you transferred a rising corporate star to Atlanta, you’d better be ready for him or her to stay there, because leaving was rarely an option once they’d tasted Atlanta living.

In addition to the porches, lawns, and pools that magnetized young executives, Atlanta increasingly offered condos for sale in Midtown Atlanta that put creative people near the art, entertainment, cuisine, and culture that nourished and sustained the visions they had for their lives and their city. It was from within these visions, and among the civic leaders who recognized them that the Midtown Alliance was formed.


It Means What a City Should Mean

The Midtown Atlanta of today is a pleasant, percolating blend of residences and businesses, culture and retail, hotels and restaurants, greenspaces and high-rise exultation, all connected by shaded walks, with trees along the way. The willingness and ability of community and business leaders to work together in achieving this, in the scope of the Midtown Alliance, is proven by the surroundings we enjoy here today.

The master plan that set these visions in motion is now in its third generation. Blueprint Midtown III is the how-to of the live, learn, work, and play community that emerged. It’s been said that the biggest difference between Blueprint Midtown and other city’s master plans is that this one got implemented. Among its accomplishments was the largest rezoning in the city’s history, and more than $4.5 billion in new investment since 1997.

The sheer relevance of Midtown Atlanta, and its exuberant quality of life, have attracted people who continue inventing the 21st Century. If you’re interested in the energy and direction of the future, we’d like to discuss that. Just call us at 404.410.4481 or register your interest here.