A New Street-Level Experience Grows in Midtown

A New Street-Level Experience Grows in Midtown

Public transport, walkability, streetscapes – everything from trees to traffic signals – all have a role to play in the 30 public improvements planned for 2018 in Midtown. And this year is just one snapshot in the 40 years of concerted attention devoted by Atlanta’s Midtown Alliance, with steady, visible, and bankable impact on Midtown Atlanta real estate.

Continually since 1978, the condos for sale in Midtown Atlanta, as well as all manner of commercial real estate capacity and the opportunities for art, culture, entertainment, and cuisine that go with them, have benefitted from the grand alliance of more than 70 leaders of business and industry to devote their time and talent to the Midtown Alliance. The achievements are impressive. And the sheer momentum of progress takes more than a glimpse to fully appreciate.


The Way People Experience Midtown

By focusing on the human experience of living, working, playing, and enjoying life in Midtown, the work of the Alliance has borne fruit in many ways. Recreational spaces are blended now with commerce, below the high-energy skyline. Transit stations become ever-more efficient and admirable. Street-level lighting and public art, together with places to take a break, make walking a more and more viable and enjoyable choice throughout Midtown, thanks to these initiatives. Designs are in progress for a proposed linear park that would transform the connections among street corridors and the three MARTA stations that link Midtown with other neighborhoods.


And the Way Atlanta Cooperates to Bring it to Life

Today, Midtown Atlanta is increasingly becoming the kind of community where life transcends compartments, where living and working are not separated by a daily migration. Long the ideal of the most advanced planners and designers, Midtown is achieving this vision without the benefit of a “clean sheet of paper.” Rather, thanks to the dialogue and cooperation of the best there is, in Atlanta’s broad-shouldered business community, Midtown Atlanta is achieving that vision with steady evolution and without disruption.

The aiming point that unites these decades or cooperation, Blueprint Midtown, is reviewed, reinforced, and refreshed regularly in a guided process that reaps the benefits of Atlanta’s best minds. Since 2000, it has attracted more than $4.5 billion in new investment and opportunities. This year’s streetscape projects and programs alone will add $15.7 million to that investment.