Fall Events in Midtown Atlanta

Fall Events in Midtown Atlanta

When people feel good, they do things. And no doubt about it, people feel pretty good about living in Midtown Atlanta – particularly in the time of year so many people call their favorite. This could be why the things to do in Midtown are so abundant right now.

Mind, body, and spirit all are brightened, spurred, and inspired by the abundance of things to do in Midtown Atlanta, especially during the Fall. It’s hard to resist, and you can take your pick.

An Arts Festival That Gets Awards as Well as Gives Them

On November 4-5, the Chastain Park Arts Festival will reassert its claim to the top tier of arts shows in the country, exhibiting works that people peruse, regard, and sometimes take home. The Festival is named among the Top 100 Arts Festivals nationwide by Sunshine Artist magazine, a Top 20 Award winner from the Southeast Tourism Society, winner also of the SFEA Kaleidoscope Award, and recognized by the International Festival & Events Association.

Why so much affirmation? One reason may be the organization behind it. The Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces is just one of the many energetic, dedicated, civic-minded organizations that makes Atlanta life so desirable, with evident impact on the value of Midtown Atlanta real estate and condos for sale in Midtown Atlanta, as well as on our quality of life here. And, in fact, the Chastain Park Arts Festival is just one of a fascinating menu of events you can choose from on their website.

And the Pros Don’t Do Badly Either

When it comes to art, Midtown Atlanta doesn’t have to wait for a festival. The High Museum of Art, distinguished but never stuffy, offers a pulsating calendar of things to plan for, or just to drop in on. First Fridays, Saturday Studios, and free afternoon admission on Second Sundays are just a few of the regular attractions.

Maybe one offering to consider in particular is, Learning to Look: Revealing Cultural Realities, October 17 through November 14. Learning to Look is a series of sessions that examines how artists respond to events and reflect their significance in life even before they become history. Living on as a form of cultural record, art can be the key to understanding how things looked to the people who went through them.

Our Precious Botanical Garden Celebrates Fall, Too

For anybody who thinks flowers are for spring, you just haven’t adjusted to Midtown Atlanta yet. Atlanta Botanical Garden explodes with color in the Fall, and there’s one particular event there you might want to make a point of catching.

Like the Scarecrow in Wizard of Oz, who somehow attracted rather than repelled, the Atlanta Botanical Garden offers Scarecrows in the Garden Tuesdays through Sundays until October 29. Schools, organizations, businesses, and individuals compete to create the most offbeat, imaginative scarecrows just for fun – yet another example of Atlanta’s talent for bringing people together.

We’ve barely scratched the surface. If this small sampling of the vitality and interest that brings value to Midtown Atlanta real estate suggests the kind of life you want to live, give us a call at 404.845.7724