Midtown Gets Revitalized Public Spaces

Stitch renderings from initial proposal in summer of 2016. | Central Atlanta Progress

Midtown Atlanta continues to be a hub for entrepreneurs and millennials to flock to as it becomes a premiere place to live and work. With a vibrant nightlife, desirable living, and easy walkability, Midtown boasts easy access for every type of lifestyle imaginable. Residents who live and work in Midtown, continue to view it as a desirable place to live. Revitalizing Midtown’s public spaces will not only improve the overall aesthetics but also create a comfortable space for residents and visitors to feel at home, further supporting the growing value of Midtown Atlanta real estate.

Midtown Alliance, is over the push to reimagine and identify public spaces that need renovating. Specifically Lauren Bohn, the Midtown Alliance manager for urban design and placemaking, will head up many of these projects.

In a recent interview with the Atlanta Business Chronical Bohn states, “Placemaking is planning focused on identity of space,” she explained. “I do a lot of projects that involve reimagining existing spaces and envisioning how they can function better as public spaces that contribute to a vibrant, active street life that makes people feel delight and joy.”

There are many projects underway to improve the visual appeal of Midtown’s public spaces. Midtown’s Commercial Row Commons, a reworking of the outdoor space among Peachtree Place and Peachtree Space and Art Walk Linear Park, a pedestrian stretches between Midtown and the Arts Center MARTA Stations. Yet, the MARTA’s plazas are receiving the most drastic changes with multi-use seating areas, color schemes, and small staging areas with lighted trees to create a more inviting space between transit stops. These MARTA makeovers will not only help make the space pop but will also elevate the customer service experience by making these stations more appealing and approachable.

Midtown’s station plaza is not the only place scheduled to get a facelift. Recently, the High Museum of Art’s installations as well as the Greene Family Learning Gallery, the opening of the new Coca-Cola Stage at Alliance Theater, and the launch of Fox Theatre’s Marque Club presented by Lexus have been overhauled to help put Midtown’s art scene on the map for 2019.

Opening the Greene Family Learning Gallery creates a space to celebrate creativity and imagination and empower children to interact more with art throughout the High Museum. Last May, the Marque Club opened to add comfort and to offer a luxurious experience at the Fox Theatre. Each revitalized project created an opportunity to enhance the experience of each of these spaces.

Many cities are working to enhance their communities. Midtown, by revitalizing station’s plaza, their art spaces, and other public spaces will not only create a charming public space, but also boost the value of Midtown for its residents. The impact of these revitalized public spaces is a factor that enhances the quality of life in Midtown, especially for residents at 1065 Midtown.