Piedmont Park Dog Park

Piedmont Park Dog Park

A Heart-to-Heart Place for Best Friends


We’re long past wondering who enjoys Piedmont Park Dog Park more, the dogs or the people. The point seems to be that together here, they share some of their happiest moments. Part of the wonder is that such a place thrives in the heart of Atlanta. With a muscular, bustling city all around, a place is provided for dogs and their people to do a lot better than just get along.

While it’s true that dogs are permitted throughout Piedmont Park on leashes, with the exception of some festival weekends and special events (heck, some of the park’s water fountains even have a ground-level basin for dogs to use), the two fenced-in dog parks just north of the Park Road entrance are thoughtful and insightful features of our treasured Piedmont Park.

They were expanded in 2011 – one for smaller dogs and one for larger ones – and their maintenance is amply provided thanks to the Piedmont Park Conservancy, the nonprofit organization that preserves and enhances beautiful Piedmont Park including dog park improvements, fundraising efforts, and clean-up projects.

Regulations Create Harmony

The success of the dog parks is due in large part to careful regulations based on experience. First and foremost, owners are responsible for their dogs’ behavior, and they can’t be left unattended. Aggressive dogs are not allowed. Dogs under 30 pounds go to the small-dog park. Dogs must be leashed coming in and leaving the off-leash area and clean-up is a must.

The dog and owner amenities are convenient, too. There are shaded areas, benches, and restrooms for the people who accompany their pets. There are dog water fountains, trails, and landscaping. And on weekends, the concessions include King of Pops Dog Popsicles.

The Good Sense of a Dog-Friendly City

An off-leash dog park downtown might sound like a homely touch, but with the importance young professionals place on such details, the quality of life it represents reflects well in the value of midtown Atlanta real estate and the luxury condos for sale in Midtown Atlanta, like those found in 1065 Midtown. It is also one example of a much bigger deal.

Latest speculation on finalists in the running for Amazon’s new headquarters (HQ2) puts Atlanta alongside New York, Chicago, Boston, and six others. In fact, it is said that details like these might just be the edge.