The Rise of Midtown

The Rise of Midtown


Atlanta’s heritage as the crossroads of the new South is becoming increasingly an important piece of background, rather than the day-to-day reality. So much “there” is built into the city today, and this has caused many of the best-informed to live in the heart of the city rather than take part in the travel.

One result of the centering we are seeing in Atlanta is the striking success of the luxury private residences of 1065 Midtown, with its views of Piedmont Park and the Atlanta skyline, as well as the full spectrum of condos for sale in Midtown Atlanta. With only five homes per floor, 1065 Midtown is a unique and compelling example, yet there are more.

Varieties of Time Travel

Midtown Atlanta real estate today is full of remarkable before-and-after views. Together, the perspective they provide feels more like quantum physics than evolution, because the transformations have been so rapid. A recent collection of photos comparing several vital midtown locations over just the course of the past four years is a case in point. Not only is each four-year comparison striking, but, taken together, it’s even harder to imagine all that progress going on at the same time.

Still, that’s the way it is unfolding in midtown Atlanta real estate. And the residential development here is accompanied by all the accoutrements of gracious city living. Intriguing shops and essential stores, galleries and performing stages, green space, and walking trails – all are joining in to enable Midtown Atlanta to offer the life of a city refined, consciously connected, and aware of the world beyond.

And the Human Touch

Someone said recently that the key to the digital age is psychology, not technology. The tools are only that – tools – and it is these tools that provide us the means to the goal of more satisfying, personal ways of living. Anticipating this insight, the miraculous achievements in Midtown Atlanta include the ongoing installation of a pleasant streetscape that includes 14 miles of new sidewalks and streetlights and more than 700 trees.

Indeed, Atlanta is a place where the state of the art in design and civic planning is not a discovery, much less a recent discovery, but rather an ongoing dialogue. What the best recognized, most principled designers in the world espouse today has a kind of chicken-or-the-egg relationship with our city. We, here, are playing an integral part in defining luxury and quality of life anew.