Where Friendships Flourish in Atlanta

A successful young movie producer we know started his career in an ad agency. On the phone one day a few years ago, he said, “Well, I’ve got to go. I’m going to meet with the production manager. I don’t want the first time I meet him to be when I need something from him.” The foresight of making friends is one of the wisdoms we can draw from the examples of successful people. And successful cities. “The time to make friends is before you need them.”

This kind of intelligence runs throughout the story of Atlanta, through the years as well as every day this week. “What you know” certainly is important here; it’s been a hotbed of progress from the very beginning. Yet, whom you know pops up so often in the case histories of enterprise and development here. It certainly is one of the reasons that so many successful projects here are public-private endeavors where community groups, or the city itself, partnered with business interests to achieve goals they held in common. It’s behind many of the work-play-live-thrive neighborhoods that flourish now in Midtown Atlanta real estate.


Drawn Together with a Belt of Green

Because cars are compartments, setting each traveler or party apart from other people, even when they’re going the same way, the preference many young Atlantans have today for living where they can walk or bike to work is proving a renaissance for metropolitan Atlanta. Inspiring and facilitating this lifestyle – and forming a focus for friendships – is the Beltline.

Atlanta’s “emerald necklace” – the walking, biking, and recreation trails of the Beltline – have already fueled the prosperity of neighborhoods alongside it and has become the basis for planned developments now in progress. This direction continues, and, on completion, the Beltline will connect 45 neighborhoods with 22 miles of foot-friendly, bike-friendly, flower-and-tree-friendly travel. The conversations and lunches and picnics along the way are already birthplace of companies, projects, and developments. Friendships formed here are becoming very much part of the beating heart of Atlanta enterprise.


Good Company and a Place to Enjoy It

Atlanta has for decades been known for a vibrant bar and restaurant scene, and as we’ve taken our place among world capitals of commerce, the influences on cuisine are nothing short of delicious. To name just one example for now, the Barcelona Wine Bar, brings the casual, yet adventurous custom of tapas from Catalonia to the Westside near Midtown, together with their selection of interesting wines.

And returning all the way back from Catalonia.

Let’s get acquainted and begin to talk about what the special energy of Atlanta – including the Atlanta capacity for friendship – can mean for your home or investment plans.