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The Atlanta Food & Wine Festival Breaks Ground at Historic Fourth Ward Park

  Residents of 1065 Midtown should mark their calendar for the end of May. Although this year’s festival won’t be right next door to the beloved Piedmont Park, the luxury of Midtown is that nothing is too far away, including History Fourth Ward Park. “The Atlanta Food & Wine Festival is designed to shine an… Read more »

Midtown Events to look forward to in March 2019

Perhaps the most attractive part of living in Midtown, Atlanta is the sheer number of things to do within arm’s reach. The character of living in the heart of Atlanta is embracing the busyness around you and joining in on the festivities. Take a look at what’s going on Midtown and you are sure to… Read more »

Midtown Gets Revitalized Public Spaces

Midtown Atlanta continues to be a hub for entrepreneurs and millennials to flock to as it becomes a premiere place to live and work. With a vibrant nightlife, desirable living, and easy walkability, Midtown boasts easy access for every type of lifestyle imaginable. Residents who live and work in Midtown, continue to view it as… Read more »

10 Best Cocktail Bars in Midtown

Atlanta is home to some of the best cocktail bars and restaurants you may ever feast your eyes on. Midtown, especially, has a vibrant nightlife that boasts fantastic places to grab a drink. Whether you’re looking for a bustling happy hour spot with friends or a more intimate setting, there are many choices to choose… Read more »

November In Midtown

With traditional fall festivals winding down and the holidays approaching, there are a number of events happening this November that are worth mentioning. ATLANTA VETERANS DAY PARADE | NOVEMBER 10 The 37th annual Atlanta Veterans Day Parade honors military veterans. The parade starts at 11:11 a.m. November 10 on Peachtree Road south of Ralph David… Read more »

Getting Around Midtown Today

At an economic development conference recently, we heard an official from a competing city say that one of the first questions she hears consistently from “the creative class” – the entrepreneurs, inventors, and artists who are essential to today’s economy – is, “How are the bike trails?” An earlier generation might have thought this indicates… Read more »

Secrets of an Atlanta Weekend

The insider’s scoop about an Atlanta weekend is that the resident and the visitor have a lot in common. Both find themselves at one of the crossroads of American 21stcentury culture, and this brings a feeling like that of sitting down to a beautifully set table. There are personal joys to experience, pleasures to share,… Read more »

Where Friendships Flourish in Atlanta

A successful young movie producer we know started his career in an ad agency. On the phone one day a few years ago, he said, “Well, I’ve got to go. I’m going to meet with the production manager. I don’t want the first time I meet him to be when I need something from him.”… Read more »

A New Street-Level Experience Grows in Midtown

A New Street-Level Experience Grows in Midtown Public transport, walkability, streetscapes – everything from trees to traffic signals – all have a role to play in the 30 public improvements planned for 2018 in Midtown. And this year is just one snapshot in the 40 years of concerted attention devoted by Atlanta’s Midtown Alliance, with… Read more »

New to the Neighborhood

New to the Neighborhood: The Advantages of a Good Boundary A different solution is moving forward to refresh a portion of Peachtree Street, north of 17th Street, that called for a new approach to this opportune location. The three buildings that span from 1389 to 1409 Peachtree will become a single-office structure that harmonizes with… Read more »