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Midtown Dining Guide

 So Near and So Nearly Perfect A Midtown Atlanta dining guide would have to be very big or very selective, or both, and it might easily become too large to lift. The choices are so numerous and the offerings are so excellent that it’s best to think of dining anywhere near the numerous condos for… Read more »

40 Years of Change in Midtown Atlanta

40 Years of Change in Midtown Atlanta Creating a livable, loveable community has been the full-time job of the Midtown Alliance since the non-profit, membership organization was formed in 1978 by a coalition of Atlanta business and community leaders. The success of their vision and diligence is all around the fortunate folks who live in,… Read more »

Big Updates Are Coming to Atlanta’s Favorite Park

Big Updates Are Coming to Atlanta’s Favorite Park Already, sixty-four percent of Atlanta residents live within a half-mile walk of a park, as a result of years of devotion to a particular vision of the city. Here we continually develop a sense of place in which the people who create, invent and build the 21st… Read more »

What’s Showing at the High Museum

What’s Showing at the High Museum The four exhibits currently at the High Museum exemplify the adventure and curiosity of art, those qualities that enable us to see things in a new way, to combine the familiar with a vision that lights up life with a perspective we may not have known before. While the… Read more »

The Rise of Midtown

The Rise of Midtown   Atlanta’s heritage as the crossroads of the new South is becoming increasingly an important piece of background, rather than the day-to-day reality. So much “there” is built into the city today, and this has caused many of the best-informed to live in the heart of the city rather than take… Read more »

Celebrate the Holidays in Midtown

Celebrate the Holidays in Midtown How We Celebrate the Holidays in Midtown Gentle temperatures don’t mean “bah, humbug” in Midtown during the holidays. In fact, there’s even more to do, because our idea of a “cold” day is in the mid-50s, and there’s plenty of atmosphere here in which to celebrate. Like many great cities,… Read more »

Renovations to Nearby Colony Square

Renovations to Nearby Colony Square   Continuing the Dialogue of Development in Midtown When word started going around on college campuses all over the U.S. a generation ago that Atlanta was a cool place to settle after getting your degree, the visionary, mixed-use design of Colony Square was one of the cornerstones of that cool…. Read more »

Piedmont Park Dog Park

Piedmont Park Dog Park A Heart-to-Heart Place for Best Friends   We’re long past wondering who enjoys Piedmont Park Dog Park more, the dogs or the people. The point seems to be that together here, they share some of their happiest moments. Part of the wonder is that such a place thrives in the heart… Read more »

1065 Midtown: The Triumph of 1065

The Triumph of 1065: Atlanta and the New Luxury The world’s most sought-after designers have come to an unusual degree of agreement on what luxury means now, in the 21st Century. The new luxury, they say, is based on considerate design. Homes, offices, furniture, electronics, vehicles, and all the things with which we populate our… Read more »

Fall Events in Midtown Atlanta

Fall Events in Midtown Atlanta When people feel good, they do things. And no doubt about it, people feel pretty good about living in Midtown Atlanta – particularly in the time of year so many people call their favorite. This could be why the things to do in Midtown are so abundant right now. Mind,… Read more »